Is Prospect Park Losing its Beloved Horses?

Is Prospect Park Losing its Beloved Horses?

The residents of the Kensington stables, a fixture in that neighborhood for the past eighty years, grace Prospect Park and its bridal paths, taking daily strolls through the park and thrilling kids and adults alike as they lope or cantor by, huffing and snorting hellos and how are yous to all. Their home has been for sale for several months now, having fallen behind in property taxes and experiencing other headaches in the five years since the death of its owner. The property was scheduled to be auctioned off at the end of March, but at the last second an anonymous investor made an offer that the owner is considering. Word is that the investor has indicated that they would keep the stable in place, but the anonymity of the investor has area residents and equestrians worried that the plan is to raze the stable and redevelop it in the standard New York way, i.e., condos!

Local council member Brad Lander has made it clear to the mystery investor’s lawyer that he will block any rezoning requests for the property unless there is an ironclad promise to keep the stable open and running made by whomever ends up buying it. That, of course, could make other potential investors think three or four times about bidding on the property.

No matter what type of alterations are done on the property, the stable will in all probability have to be closed or moved during the construction period, which could be for years. We’re old enough to understand that nothing lasts forever, and the only sure thing in life is change. But it would be a truly sad day for riders and all of us if Prospect Park lost these beautiful animals.

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